Status of TechRelay and the Bright Future Ahead

Good day fellow TechRelay netizens!

As you are no doubt aware, TechRelay has been slow to post this past year. A myriad of issues have kept the TechRelay project on the backburner for the past long while. This problem in its entirety is being worked on actively now.

When we started TechRelay, we envisioned it becoming a community. It is our hope that 2021 will finally be the year that we get roots firmly planted into the proverbial soil, allowing us to finally sprout into what we have wanted TechRelay to become all along.

Lately, we have been getting things rolling on the backend. We are in the process of switching hosts. Not that our current host isn’t great, but we feel it is time to stand up on our own two feet.

Our new server is coming along nicely, and once everything is complete and secure, we will be moving TR to it. This will ensure an increase in site performance of at least 150% – possibly more. This will reduce load times and ensure the content we will be aiming to bring you will not be bogged down by resource issues.

Also, we have reached out to multiple software companies who offer things like gaming engines in hopes of getting licenses to their software so that we may document the journey from knowing zero about developing games to creating our very first game for Android, PC, macOS and iOS. Along the way, sharing our knowledge as it grows through videos, how-to’s and the like.

This is a fraction of what is in store for TechRelay’s future. I hope you will all bookmark us and get ready, because TechRelay will be back and once we are back, we ain’t going nowhere anytime soon 😉

By Zeekz

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