Cryptocoin Casinos – Taking the Digital World By Storm

When Bitcoin mined its first block, I don’t believe anybody could have predicted the revolution that would follow. Sure, the person or group called Satoshi Nakamoto certainly wanted a revolution, but I don’t think even they/he could have thought it would spark a whole new industry that would define the current decade and beyond.

One thing that has kicked off, is the advent of digital casinos. While they have been around longer than Cryptocurrency in general, very few casinos I have seen over the years will literally give you free currency every 20 minutes. BetFury is one of those few. They give out 3 coins/tokens every 20 mins: BTC, BNB, and their own token BFG. BetFury also allows you to stake their in-house token and earn up to 160% APY.

They have troves of games available to play from many different manufacturers, including their own. Games like Slots, Plinko, Hi/Low, Dice, Poker, Live Tables, Sports betting, and much more.

I usually stay away from gambling sites, but since I literally have to pay zero to potentially win big, I do.

Check them out here or click the image on the right and you can thank me later (or even in the comments!) 😉

By Zeekz

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