Many people say that trying to forecast cryptocurrency prices is near impossible due to the volatility of cryptocurrency in general. While this may hold true sometimes (May 2021 crash for example), cryptocurrencies do develop trends and can therefore be forecasted, to a degree.

Here are a few tools that may help you along in your crypto adventures. Most of these use Machine Learning.

  • RL Crypto Trading – Uses reinforcement learning to predict then trade crypto automatically.
  • Crypto Forecast – This tool uses a novel approach to forecasting. It uses a procedure called “Prophet Forecasting” developed by Facebook.
  • CLAIR – CLAIR stands for “Cryptocurrency Leveraging Artificial Intelligent Recurrent Neural Networks”. It really is quite ingenious, and it can be run on Google’s Colab.
  • DeepLearning Project – This repo does not have much documentation, but I have run the code in Google’s Colab and the results are quite promising. It also has a PowerPoint presentation, if you need it.

There are plenty of resources on Github and across the web for this topic. Check out TradingView and the tools they have also. Their charts are top tier and they include a bunch of trading strategies, for those who know how to use them.

By Zeekz

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