GitHub is a great resource for programmers and anyone who is looking for open source software for nearly all computing needs. I have been using GitHub for quite a long time, and I find things that interest me on a daily basis.

For this month, here are a few projects I find interesting and/or useful:

  1. practicalAI – A practical (and effective) approach to learning machine learning. Personally, I find Python notebooks one of the best way of learning not only Python itself, but anything involving Python, like learning machine learning.
  2. The Book Of Secret Knowledge – A collection of ‘awesome’ lists for Developers, System Admins, Linux Geeks, and everything in-between. It truly is one of my favorite repos.
  3. Awesome Self Hosted List – A list of open source network services that you can host yourself instead of buying hosting services from others. Also good for creating alternative services for things you have to pay for, like Dropbox (higher tier storage Dropbox anyway). If you have an old PC lying around, install Ubuntu (or any other Linux distribution) on it, install a 500GB+ HDD on it and voila! Self hosted Dropbox. There are many more things on this list you can host on your own.
  4. Alda – A Musical Programming Language. Yes, you read that right. An actual programming language for music. The repo also has everything you need to learn Alda and get it set up. The language itself is not very complicated. Its syntax is similar to markup.
  5. Awesome Courses – A list of awesome university courses for learning Computer Sciences (for free). If you’ve ever wanted to learn anything related to Computer Sciences, but didn’t want to spend $200k to go to university; here is a list of resources to do it all for free. This repository and all it contains is invaluable.
  6. ZeroNet – Decentralized websites using Bitcoin/Blockchain tech and BitTorrent Networking. Need I say more? It’s easy to set up and use as well.
  7. 30 Seconds of Code – A collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less. This is a great resource for anyone who is thinking of learning JavaScript, or for people who arelearning JavaScript. I used this when I started learning JS myself, and still use it on occasion for reference.

This concludes January’s list of interesting GitHub projects. If you think I missed something you would like to see added, please feel free to mention it in the comments. I will take a look and maybe add it to the upcoming month’s list!

By Zeekz

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