Error within RPCS3 when trying to load a game without necessary files

When backing up your PS3 discs to play on an emulator, or downloading a copy of a game you physically own to play on RPCS3, you may be confused when you try to play a game but come up with an error like: “E LDR: Invalid disc directory for the disc game BLES00932” or the same error but with a different game name. For reference, the “BLES00932” is the disc name for Demon Souls [EU] on PS3. Your game name could start with any number of letters, based on where your game disc or download is from. Here is a quick list of the differences (for reference in the future):

Prefix Description
BCES First party title, Europe
BLES Third party title, Europe
BCUS First party title, USA
BLUS Third party title, USA
BCJS First party title, Japan
BLJS Third party title, Japan
BLJM Third party title, Japan
BCAS First party title, Asia
BLAS Third party title, Asia

Now, on to fixing this. The error itself is quite easy to fix. Many times when you download a game/ROM, you extract it and then try to open it within RPCS3 immediately. Then you receive this error and come here. ?. Most times all you have to do is go to that folder (where your game files are) using windows explorer itself (not from within RPCS3) and you may or may not see a file called “PS3_DISC.txt” or “PS3_DISC.SFB.txt”. If you do have either file, then all you have to do is rename the file extension. If you have “PS3DISC.txt” , then rename that to “PS3DISC.SFB”. If you have a file called “PS3_DISC.SFB.txt”,  then rename that to “PS3_DISC.SFB”, removing the .txt part. Then try to boot your backup once again. Should work fine.

Now, if you don’t have either file, I will upload it here for you. Look for it at the bottom of the article. All you have to do is copy the file into the folder that contains the folders PS3_UPDATE & PS3_GAME within it. When all is done, your folder should look like this:

Folder containing all necessary files

If you have any questions, or need a hand, please feel free to mention it in the comments below!

Download PS3_DISC.SFB Here (MEGA)

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